Our History

Our History

Glenn and Nancy Garrison [1984 – 1988] came to Taiwan and after language study felt a burden to begin an English/Chinese fellowship at the Taipei Assembly facilities, which they called AGAPE. He also started a weekly radio broadcast and a monthly English/Chinese magazine. After they left Taiwan for furlough they were transferred to the Philippines where they are now ministering to children with desperate needs by providing a home and education for them.

Brad and Beth Fitzlaff [1988 - 1991] worked with AGAPE after the Garrisons left, and were joined by:

Troy and Joy Evans [1989 – 1990] who came under a short term assignment.

Richard and Patrica Adams [1986 – 2003] After language study in Taichung Dick & Pat moved to Taipei to take over the AGAPE fellowship and other American Assemblies of God ministries such as International Correspondence Institute and China Radio. As more and more English speaking Filipino workers came to Taiwan they found great fellowship and many found salvation in this International Christian Assembly. For several years they rented the Taipei Train Station Auditorium. When believers from the cell groups in the factories assembled, the Auditorium would be full. When the Adams left to take a church in the USA, Fari Rider was installed as pastor of AGAPE.

God called Fari Rider [1994 – 2006+] to work with Taiwan's children when she was still in high school. She has learned Mandarin and is now speaking through puppets and visual aids to children in schools, hospitals and open air crusades. Fari also served as pastor of AGAPE Assembly for 2 years.

Harry & Kay Leid [2004- 11] 11] After serving in Indonesia as missionaries in the 1950’s and then with inner city ministries in Los Angeles for many years. Although of retirement age, Harry & Kay returned to missionary ministry first with the ICA in Cambodia then with AGAPE in Taipei. The Leids continued serving as the senior pastors at Agape ICA until August of 2011 when they retired.

Ken & Peggy Krake [2011-?] After serving as missionaries in Ghana, W. Africa for twelve years (1967-1978), teaching at North-Central University and pastoring in Minnesota and Illinois, serving as A/G missionaries pastoring in Germany for 16 years (1990-2006) and as campus pastor at Continental Theological Seminary in Belgium for 2 years (2006-2008), the Krakes joined the Foreign Armed Forces Network ministry in San Antonio, Texas, serving there under Assemblies of God World Missions (General) for over three years (2008-2011), ministering to foreign military officers from over 100 countries of the world. From there they came to Taipei on December 9, 2011 to become the new pastors at Agape ICA.